Whether you seek to start a new career or progress along your path to new heights: we can help you get there.

Our programmes are built hand-in-hand with work experience or career progression guarantees and can be delivered fully-remote. 

From pre-work training with placements guaranteed at the end to university-alternative apprenticeships delivered as you work, passing through personal development and upskilling. We are here to help you discover what your strengths are and develop your passions into a rewarding career.


Register below to start your journey on to a new career path. Once you have signed up you will receive an email to fill out your personal details, qualifications and any work experience you may have. 

You can then access your personal dashboard!  Where you can view all of the currently available Kickstart job listings and apply to them through your work coach. 

Don’t be content with liking what you dodo what you like doing.


We are currently working with the UK Government to secure job opportunities in the tech and startup sector for unemployed people. Once we secure a job for you, we will train you at the start to ensure you can smash it in your next assignment.

Please see below for more details on how to apply.

We will be launching soon more programmes and opportunities for people to upskill themselves and progress into the career that best goes with their personality and passions. Stay tuned for updates!

Current Job Opportunities

UK Jobs for 16-24 Year Olds (Training Included)

To apply for any of these jobs, please ask your Jobcentre work coach for a referral by providing them with them with the job title, company name, and post code.

You will then receive the full vacancy description and application link via the Universal Credit platform.