Ace that Job Interview! 💪

Interviews are super important to secure a place at your dream company. 
What better way to show off yourself & your skills/capabilities prior to getting the job!

Not only is it a great way for employers to learn more about you, but also for you to suss out if the role/company is the right fit for you personally. It’s just as much for you as it is for them! So try get as much from it as possible.

Want some tips & tricks for interview success?

  1. First Impressions are Everything! 🤝

👀 Don’t be late! Regardless of whether it’s face-to-face or through Zoom, this rule always applies. Turn up at least 10 minutes before appointed time so you aren’t rushed off your feet – waiting around is underrated. Use that time to relax and get potential nerves under control!

👀  Eye contact and body language says a lot about you! Sit up straight, walk with confidence and always look at whoever is talking. These little details are crucial 🧐

👀 Looking presentable is a bit of a no-brainer. Pick your outfit the night before & make sure you are well-groomed: ready to nail it! Not only is it great for first impressions, but it also does wonders for your mindset. Dress for the job you want! 

2. Listen to the Clues 👂

👀  Interviewers are clever and will always give subtle clues about what they want, waiting for you to get in with a response! Listen intently – you might just pick up on something that, with the right response, will get you ahead of the competition! 🏃‍♀️

3. Have you heard of the STAR technique? We highly recommend it!

Rambling under nerves, we have all been there. 

Answering behavioural questions (narrating examples of how you dealt with certain situations in the workplace) is when it happens most often. Examples being, “tell me a time when you…”

There will be no rambling with this technique!


Describe the situation you were in, set the scene & establish the context of the story


What was your responsibility? What were you being asked to do?


What steps did you take to address the situation & get the task done successfully?


What were the outcomes?

You’ll ace it if you stick to this framework!

3. Keep it professional

The aim for the interviewer during your interview is to observe you and work out if you are a good fit for their company. Be friendly, polite & your lovely self, but remember to keep it professional. No swear words please! 🤭

4. Don’t be cocky! 🙃

There is a very fine line between confidence & arrogance. Tell them about your achievements but also what you want to improve on! There’s always room to work on yourself and learn new things. Don’t act like that’s all you can give – it really does backfire! 🔥

5. Think about your answers! 💭

Interviewers care more about the quality of your answers, not the time it takes to respond. Always remember quality over speed!

If you need some time to think about your answer, tell them that they’ve asked really great questions and you just need a minute to think 🤔 They will appreciate this!

6. Prep, prep, prep!!! 💻

We can’t stress the importance of this step enough! Research the most common Qs asked at an interview, in particular the job title you have applied for. Of course, you can’t predict exactly what is being asked but with enough preparation at least some will apply to you 📝

7. Ask questions, always! 🙋

At the end of the interview you will typically be asked if you have any questions. And even though there’s no harm in saying no – it looks better on you as it shows extended interest. When doing interview prep make sure you have a list of Qs you can potentially ask if not covered in the interview!