Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is SRA?

Quite simply we are the guys who match cool start-ups looking to hire young aspiring leaders, with even cooler candidates who are looking to break into the industry. We are a training academy that breaks through the noise and provides courses with a kick, this is a strictly snore-free studying zone.

The courses provide our students with vital knowledge to let innovation lead the way. Armed with new tools students beam with confidence and hit the startup ground running – we even mentor along the way!

2. What is the 6-months Fully-Funded Scheme?

In partnership with the government, the scheme is a funded program that allows unemployed 16-24years olds to break into the tech industry via training provided by SRA, pretty cool right?

It consists of:

A fully funded 4-week Bootcamp (our training course) at the start of the placement to ensure the candidates are equipped to hit the ground running with their new employer

The full wage of the employee for a 6 months placement (inclusive of NI and employer’s contributions)

Mentorship to both the employer/employee during the 6-month placement

3. This sounds amazing! I want in, what would be expected for me as an employer?

Meaningful tasks – For some this will be their first ‘real’ job, we want people to fall in love with the start-up world and the ability they have to make a real impact in a business

Encouragement – Don’t worry, we’ve got the mentoring side down and will be on hand for the entire 6 months, we just need you to be there with ‘you got this’ during work hours!

Provide challenges – Don’t underestimate our candidates, with a new skillset gained from our intense boot camp our guys are ready to get stuck in and tackle the toughest challenges – try them!

Exposure to the wider business – To understand how their role will play an integral part of the business, your new employee will need to get to know how you function, so don’t forget to expose further than the names and faces of the team.

4. So, which job roles does SRA provide training for?

Looking for some extra hands on deck? We provide training. Find out more about the programme courses here.

Don’t see the role you need in the list above? We’re always open to suggestions! We’ve got your back.

Alongside specific knowledge, we always train soft skills that are required in a fast-paced start-up environment

5. Who actually pays for this? It sounds too good to be true

YOU DO NOT PAY A PENNY! The UK Government will fund each company approved to participate in the programme via the Kickstart scheme. Employers will receive the amount corresponding to a salary and national insurance up to a maximum of 25 hours per week, capped at the minimum wage for each candidate over the 6-month placement.

As your gateway to the scheme, we represent you by ensuring

Training is completed by your new employee.

You are approved by the scheme by working with compliance

Funding is returned to you as the employer

For this SRA will receive and retain £1,500 from the Government and working pensions.

6. I’m sold, what are the exact steps I need to take? Let’s get the ball moving!

Notepads at the ready, here is our simple step-by-step guide to getting your new employee!

Head to and simply click on the big button to apply!

Fill out the application form (don’t worry it won’t take you long)

SRA will then represent you and get to work with the government to get your application approved

You will then complete pre-approved vacancy templates offered by Silicon Roundabout Academy and choose a start date for your candidates

Here’s the exciting part, as you receive candidates’ profiles you can select your perfect match from the talent pool

Assign a set start date with your candidate’s government coach

Your new employee then begins their 4-week intense Bootcamp with SRA and will be employed by your company (on your payroll via the PAYE RTI system).

Once training is complete your new starter is ready to join! We’ll be on hand to mentor during their entire 6-month placement with you!

Throughout the placement, you will pay the salary and receive an automatic refund via Silicon Roundabout with 4-6 week arrears (although a financing option is available from Silicon Roundabout Academy to get paid immediately upon wage disbursement).

7. Is there a limit on how many people I can hire?

Fill your boots! We are trying to help as many young people kickstart their careers as possible. However, we do advise your decision to be respectful and reasonable to your company size. Please also bear in mind the level of attention and support you can provide (i.e try not to be too greedy if you can’t sustain!). If you have 3 employees and apply for 50 trainees this will be an obvious red flag for the government. If you need any clarification feel free to reach out!

8. Does SRA provide any additional services?

Yes! We’ve got your back, we have several services listed below that are all at an additional, yet start-up-friendly cost.

A helping hand with finance

We offer financial assistance to advance the payments you are due from DWP. This is to cover the employee(s) wages and employer contributions early, to enable your company to retain its cash flow liquidity. (win-win)

Wondering how this works? Simply opt-in with us by confirming the details of the employee(s), the amount you have paid the employee(s) in regards to wages, and N.I. contributions, and what you are to be reimbursed under the Kickstart Scheme. This will need to be completed monthly.

For Claims, covering the first month of the Kickstart Scheme, we do not impose a charge for this service and will pay you 100% of the paid employee(s) wages and employer contributions.

For Claims, covering subsequent months of the Scheme, we impose a fee of 10% of the employee(s) wages and N.I. contributions. This means that you will receive 90% of the employee(s) wages and employer contributions.

We receive 100% of the payment from the government within 4 – 6 weeks as per the Kickstart Scheme. This service is completely optional, we just have it in place to allow your business to keep a constant cash flow.



9. What kind of level can I expect of my kickstart candidate?

Fresh on the scene our candidates are aged 18-24 years old. This could be their first job, a uni grad or someone skilled but hit by the pandemic. The purpose of the scheme is to give those with little technical/industry experience, the opportunity to get a much-needed foot in the door. You’ll need to be open-minded when selecting!

10. Can we refer people to the scheme?

Sure thing! Either reach out with your details to or simply direct them to the application form

13. Where will new starters be trained?

Remote, in the comfort of their own homes!

14. If the candidate does not work out, how does notice work?

If, for whatever reason, you find that the placement is not working out, your first point of contact will be Silicon Roundabout Academy. We will help identify and resolve the problem. But if you really do not want to continue working with a trainee, you are not compelled to continue the relationship. We can help you find a new candidate for the role.

From a wages standpoint, anything that you have paid out to the candidate will be reimbursed.

15. Does the employer need to provide equipment and computers?

Your company is not required to provide equipment. But if you want to, then you have that choice.

16. Will the Government supply the equipment?

No, the Government will not.

17. Can employers require candidates to sign an NDA?

Yes. The work contract is entirely up to you.

18. What type of companies can hire trainees?

For now, the employer must be a limited company, incorporated over a year. The Government is working on how to incorporate other types of companies.

19. Do you work only with local level job centres?

We work with job centres across the UK.

20. How many hours of mentorship do you provide?

During the boot camp, we provide a minimum of 5 hours per week. This takes place alongside the hard skills and soft skills training, which we ensure candidates complete and master. As the trainees transition to your company, they continue to have access to the mentors and other resources, such as our alumni community.

21. Can employers ask the trainees to work more than 25 hours per week?

Yes, they can. But keep in mind that the Government will only pay for up to 25 hours. Anything more than that, the employer shoulders the cost of wages, as if the trainee were a regular employee.

22. How much are trainees paid?

The Government pays the trainees the minimum wage. If you happen to be impressed with the trainee’s work and feel compelled to pay a higher wage, keep in mind that the Government will only reimburse you for the minimum wage. Your company shoulders the difference with the higher wage rate.

23. Can we see the training curricula that are available?

Yes, the information will be made available to you, primarily through our website and marketing collaterals.

24. Can we suggest topics for the training courses?

Yes, you can. Our goal is to help companies like yours find suitable workers. Not only do we welcome suggestions for topics and skills, but you may also let us know of new fields we can provide for. Of course, whether or not we start offering the course will also depend on whether it makes economic sense.

25. Will you provide template job descriptions?

Yes, we will. That is part of the service we provide. We work with job descriptions, which have already been pre-approved by the Government, so that you can rest assured your approved vacancies will be also approved on the second stage review and go live in less than a week! It also means that you will not need to come up with vacancy descriptions all by yourself.

26. What does soft skills training cover?

Soft skills are those that have to do with communication, mindset, attitude, personal management and organisation, and such topics. It also includes all the career advice and employability skills required to be provided under the scheme. Finally, it includes project management, teamwork, productivity and communication tools and systems such as kanban-style apps like Trello.

27. What does hard skills training cover?